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changie init

changie init

Initialize a new changie skeleton


Initialize a few changie specifics.

  • Folder to place all change files
  • Subfolder to place all unreleased changes
  • Header file to place on top of the changelog
  • Output file when generating a changelog
  • Unreleased folder includes a .gitkeep file

Values will also be saved in a changie config at .changie.yaml. Default values follow keep a changelog and semver specs but are customizable.

changie init [flags]


  -d, --dir string      directory for all changes (default ".changes")
  -f, --force           force initialize even if config already exist
  -h, --help            help for init
  -o, --output string   file path to output our changelog (default "")


  • changie - changie handles conflict-free changelog management